English Village of Pare

English is one of the important languages among others. in globalization era, we have to communicate with world language. nobody doesn’t admit that English is our daily need to communicate each other. for job seekers, students and businessmen, English is one of absolute requirements to communicate and to get their goals.

Many people spend of time and money to study English. We can imagine to students from elementary school until university learning English but they didn’t get anything. we need to ask to Depdiknas. what happen with our education? what do we need to change educational mythology to learn English?

If we analyze English education in formal school, English is so difficult to understand it, not only does English lesson in formal school make students confused but also English teacher give too advance English lesson so students of formal school is so complicated to understand it.

Existence of pare has been giving contribution for people to learn English efficiently. the most famous name of Pare is English village located to Tulung Rejo, Pare, Kediri, East Java. the first story of English in Pare from Mr Kalend establishing BEC (Basic English course). Students come to Pare not only from Java Island but also from the other island in Indonesia. Many educated people coming from some of universities make pare famous in Indonesia.

Why do we study English in Pare?

It is very different to study English in Pare if we compare to the other city. We know, English is commercial language . Many people are waste of money to get English skill. many advantages study English in pare. The first course fee is cheaper than the other. so many people can study English not only rich men but also unrich men. second, we get good environment to support to study English. We can choose English boarding house, if we will speak English all day. Third, many programs are provided by every institution so we can study as we concentrate to the program. Fourth, we need short time to study English. sixth, we can choose programs provided like grammar, speaking, pronunciation, translation, writing, and Toefl.

According to passage above, studying English in Pare has many advantages absolutely, Pare become wonderful place to learn English in short time but of course Pare has weakness like lack of English reading etc. May English in pare become better than before.


10 thoughts on “English Village of Pare

  1. thanks rosit for your article about pare. I am as parener, called by you for native person.. i am so proud ‘cos a small village of pare can give big thing for anyone exactly for learn englsh from the basic until uglyyyyyyy……..
    good luck..

    notes: skiil (skill), invironment (environment), pronunciation (pronounciation)
    eh.. after fourth is fifth, not sixth…

  2. I am glad to read your arthicle. it is going to be better if you present basic english course (BEC) that the most and the elder course in pare -kediri. and your writing is to be corrected.good luck!

  3. Dude…
    Your spelling needs improvement. Maybe, write the story in Microsoft Word before you release it in the web site, giving you correct spelling and punctuations. Also make it simple and right to the point, make it easier for the readers to understand what you mean to say.

  4. ur article is sort of interesting.

    explore more about Pare!!! a regency, flirt me to study. about language, social, characteristics, sense and others!!!

  5. i need one place course at pare,please give me the address…
    How much i must to pay/month?

  6. I think, you will find many course places there. All of course is better. I am sure, you will enjoy studying English there. Good luck! Or call me I’ll tell u about Pare. 081393794233

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